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Accusations fly in craziest confirmation hearings in decades

Over three days of hearings, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has been accused of being an accomplice to criminal theft, of being complicit in sexual harassment and of using code words to suggest allegiance to racists.

The careless hand gesture of an aide sitting directly behind him sent Twitter into a tizzy with speculation that she was secretly flashing a “white power” symbol to millions of people watching at home.

One senator accused him of being bribed by corporate interests, and another insinuated that Judge Kavanaugh had secret and inappropriate conversations with President Trump’s law firm — though she refused to say who among the 350 lawyers at the firm she believes the conversations were with, nor what nefarious doings she suspects.

They’ve been the craziest confirmation hearings in decades — yet they’ve done little to change the trajectory of Judge Kavanaugh, who still appears headed for a narrow confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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