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No Such Thing as an “Assault Rifle”

There isn’t a week that goes by, that I have to suffer the ignorance of the Main Stream Media when it comes to firearms.

For years, the misinformation and political anti-gun agendas force fed to the American Public by the Media has more than likely caused irreparable harm. All too often, there is some uneducated anti-gun politician going on a rant about “Assault Rifles” how they should be banned. That there is no need for a 30 round magazine. (most of these anti-gunners say ‘clip’ but unlike them, I am not ignorant and trying to push a political agenda. So I will use the correct terminology)

Then there are the non-politician anti-gunners. That say things like, “AR-15 means Assault Rifle”. These poor ignorant souls make me want to vomit. I am writing this Op-Ed in the hopes that maybe one, just one person will gain some knowledge and truth about the scary AR-15 and how that it is a practical firearm for sporting, law enforcement and home defense.

AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle”

The ArmaLite AR-15 is a selective-fire, 5.56×45mm, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle, with a rotating bolt and straight-line recoil design. It was designed above all else to be lightweight small arms, and to fire a new lightweight, high velocity small caliber cartridge to allow the infantrymen to carry more ammunition. It was based on the Armalite AR-10 (Read More)

The term “Assault Rifle” didn’t even exist until the early 1990’s when politicians adopted the moniker to aid them in vilifying the firearm. Striking fear into the non-weapon savvy huddled masses. In the United States “assault weapons” are usually defined in legislation as semi-automatic firearms that have certain features generally associated with military firearms, including assault rifles. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired on September 13, 2004, codified a definition of an assault weapon.

“Assault” is a verb. Not an adjective. However under the train of thought that the usage of this word is acceptable, then anything can be an assault weapon. “Assault Paperclip”. “Assault Pizza Slice”. “Assault fabric softener sheet”.

Do you see how ridiculous the use of a verb as an adjective is?

Now onto firearm specifications. It only takes a few moments on the internet to do accurate and correct research on the abilities of a firearm. It’s not difficult.

Yet we have politicians in California talking about “Ghost Guns” , like Senator Kevin De Leon. There have been numerous memes and videos about his anti-gun speech when he was going on and on how an AR-15, or “Ghost Gun” as he likes to call it; can fire 30 rounds a half second. This is his actual quote:
“This is a ghost gun. This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

Yes. This guy actually said this on National television.

When are we, as an American people speak out against the misinformation fed to us by the media and capitol hill? As a responsible firearm owner, I make it a personal mission to try and educate people as to the truth about firearms. But there is only so much I can do.


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