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North Korea, Torture Camps, Christian Persecution and a Brain Damaged College Student

by Spike Bowan  |  Published on June 19, 2017

The insanity that is Kim Jong Un and his tyrannical regime are a far greater threat than most media outlets would have you believe.

North Korea is in no short supply of chaos. Failed missile tests, reports of starvation, troops and officers defecting in droves and let us not forget the US Citizens being “detained” in North Korea at this moment.

One of whom, was recently released. In a coma!

Otto Warmbier, who sustained serious injuries while he was detained in North Korea, is renewing the focus on the horrors that prisoners face in North Korea’s infamous torture camps.

Officials at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Warmbier is being treated, said that while there is no physical evidence he was beaten, his “extensive loss of brain tissue” suggests he likely lost blood supply to his brain for a period of time according to Fox News.

Graphic video footage of what are reportedly interrogations at North Korean camps reveal that prisoners are bound at the hands as they are subjected to whatever cruelties the guards feel like inflicting. And, according to some former guards who have since defected, the level of cruelty is entirely up to them.

Kwon Hyuk, who is identified in the film as an ex-commander of the guards in a North Korean labor camp, said prisoners are “treated like animals” once they arrive at the camps.

“The life of an inmate is worth less than the life of a worm,” he said. “They can’t defend themselves, not even when they’re being beaten. I could do anything with the prisoners that I like. The decision whether to kill them or let them live was completely up to me.”

North Korean officials have denied that there are any “labor camps” in the country at all, instead suggesting that they are places designed for “education.” According to the United Nation Human Rights Commission, “the very existence of political prison camps is considered a state secret, even though international human rights groups have reported about them since the late 1980s.”

Witnesses interviewed for the U.N. report describe how “special torture chamber[s]” exist in these prison camps for the sole purpose of unconventional cruelty. There are hooks from which people can hang upside-down, needles for driving under fingernails, and special chili-pepper concoctions for pouring down a victim’s nose.

Multiple subjects also describe how subjects are immersed in water tanks to the point that they fear drowning. One woman, apparently tortured on suspicion of practicing Christianity, “indicated that she was fully immersed in cold water for hours. Only when she stood on her tip-toes would her nose be barely above the water level.”

It’s possible that drowning could have led to the kind of oxygen deprivation that Warmbier’s doctors are reportedly seeing. When asked if they saw any signs that could have been the case, however, the doctors suggested that a scan of soft tissue in Warmbier’s neck revealed no abnormalities.

The inaction of the previous eight yearlong failure of the Obama administration has done near irreparable harm. North Korea has long oppressed its own people and the news of these torture camps have long been reported. The inaction to oust the corrupted gene pool of Kim Jong Un and his ilk in and of itself shows the unwillingness of the American government to act. People are arrested and tortured just for practicing Christianity.

Now this boy returns home to his family, brain damaged and forever changed. His poor choices that led to his arrest and detainment in a torture camp should scare the very core of a person’s fabric. That such evil as this is allowed to exist is an atrocity itself.

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